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Andar Bahar online

Andar bahar is a very popular Indian card game that also goes under the names Katti or Mangatha. Learn all about this card game and start playing it online!

How to play Andar Bahar

To play Andar Bahar you only need a deck of cards. Unlike roulette, there’s no need for any table or chips. Get your deck of card, and you’re good to go!

A single deck of cards is used to play, and the players choose a side. Either they choose Andar, the left side or Bahar, the right side.

Then, as the cards are dealt the idea of the game is to predict which side the same numbered card will be dealt on. It’s really that simple and straightforward and that’s why so many Indian players really like Andar Bahar.

To win in Andar Bahar, you need to rely on luck. Of course, as you play it a few times there’s also an element of educated guessing that can sway the game in your favour.

You can play by yourself, but to really enjoy the excitement of the game, it’s highly recommended that you play with some friends. As you can see below, it’s a fast game that is really easy to learn.


Andar Bahar is a quick card game. Before you start to play there are general rules and game elements you’ll have to know. The game elements can be very different between online casinos, especially with new options with additional features and live casino.

But no matter the version, Andar Bahar’s basic rules are the following:

  • The cards are cut off so that all players will be able to see a card.
  • Players put a bet on the fact that Andar (on the left) or Bahar (on the right) displays a card of the same face value.
  • The Andar and Bahar betting spots are then given the cards. If the black suit is the first card (clubs or spades), then Andar is the first card. It starts at Bahar when it’s red (hearts or diamonds).
  • In addition, 2 cards are put on each spot, and players make their final bets. When additional betting is included.
  • The cards are then altered to each of the betting positions when you see a match in advance.
  • If one of the betting spots is treated with the same value card to the selected one, the round is ended.
  • You won and will be given your payout if you bet on the spot you like, Andar or Bahar.
  • The dealer loses all other bets.


In Andar Bahar, there are not much strategy tips to be given – as it is all dependent on luck. But generally, it’s smart to study the gameplay at the specific online casino before you dive into the game. This will give you a better understanding of the game in question. This way, maybe you will pick up on something that can give you an edge.

Where to play Andar Bahar

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Akanksha Walla
Latest posts by Akanksha Walla (see all)